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Hours of Operation: Saturday's & Sunday's 10am to 4pm 

Route 40 Paintball Code of Conduct


  • No lewd behavior or excessive swearing.
  • Be courteous to other players, spectators & staff.
  • No loud music, yelling, or fighting.


  • Barrel covers are required in all guns at all times anywhere on the property except while playing or at the shooting range.
  • Goggles must be worn at all times while inside netted areas or shooting range.
  • No firing of paintball guns except on playing field or shooting range.
  • NO Full-auto, turbo, or multi-round bursts.
  • No exploding paint grenades. Only Tippman style grenades allowed.

           No fireworks allowed by customers.


  • No drinking before or during play or on Route 40 Paintball Park Property
  • There is NO ALCOHOL allowed on the premises at any time!
  • If it is apparent that a player is under the influence of illegal drugs/alcohol the player will be ejected from the park

Playing Rules:

  • Field Chrono Speed is 285 fps
  • A player is marked out upon a paintball hitting and breaking upon any part of a player’s body, gun or equipment
  • A player is also marked out if hit with a combined area of paint from a paint grenade the size of a 50 cent piece.
  • Upon being marked out, the player should yell “OUT!”, install barrel cover and immediately make their way off

the playing field while holding their gun in the air.

  • Shooting without perceiving your target is not allowed. Look at what you are shooting.
  • Two hand must remain on the paintball marker at all times on the field.
  • The Refs have the final word. If a player violates any rules, the referee has the ability to eject players from the game.
  • Using non-field paint brings immediate ejection from Route 40 Park!

Our Facilities:

  • There are four fields: two speed ball, one spool, and one woods
  • There are NO INDOOR facilities except the registration office
  • Bathrooms include a spot-o-pot located in the corner of the parking lot
  • There is no running water on the facility so please make the appropriate accommodations
  • There are picnic tables and chairs located in front of the registration office for private party use only
  • Movement of all tables and chairs must be cleared by management
  • There are tents set up for team use only
  • Due to the facilities and weather conditions we recommend the use and/or storage of strollers be kept off of the deck
  • Play is rain, snow, or shine. The only event that would cancel a session is lightening and freezing roads.
  • Bleachers are located to overlook field 2; there is no view of field 4 (woods field) for spectators

Fill out a waiver form and bring it with you to save time at registration.

If after reading through our web page, you have any questions about PAINTBALL or playing at Route 40 Paintball Park, please call me at (410) 335-7622 and we will be happy to answer them. Player(s)/Groups requiring special accommodation under the ADA are asked to notify the field two weeks in advance!

Route 40 Paintball FORUM
Contact: 410-335-7622
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