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PAINTBALL is a high action team sport consisting of players shooting gelatin capsules filled with water soluble, biodegradable, non-toxic, paint at each other while trying to obtain an objective. When a player is hit with a paintball that breaks on their body or equipment they are marked out. Most private games run 20 minutes so the player is out until the next game starts. The most basic game consists of two teams trying to eliminate the other team by marking all of the opposing team members out. The next most popular game is Capture the Flag where both teams are trying to grab a flag in the middle of the playing field and return it to their starting point which wins the game.

Route 40 Paintball Park is proud to provide four different of playing fields. Most players use a semi-auto paintball marker that shoots a paintball every time that they pull the trigger. Route 40 Paintball Park rents TIPPMANN semi-auto markers for the new player’s use for $25 for the day. The rental also includes all the necessary CO2 to power the marker and a set of safety approved V-FORCE goggles attached to a full face mask that covers the face, chin, ears, and of course your eyes. All markers come with a barrel cover that slides over the end of the marker barrel for when the marker is not in use so you cannot accidentally shoot a paintball out of the marker.

All private groups are run by safety certified refs and you will be given a thorough safety briefing before you start playing. The same applies to tournaments held at Route 40 Paintball Park. Players should wear old clothes, preferably loose for ease in running and moving. Most players like to wear long sleeve shirts and long pants for protection of the legs and arms against scratches and paintball hits. Players should also wear comfortable shoes or boots that are good for running and moving about. Something with ankle support is a good idea. A baseball style cap or head cover is preferred by many players to cover the top of the head.

The average new player will shoot approximately 500 paintball’s in a private group for the day. In more advanced walk on games, the average new player will shoot 1000 paintball’s per day of play. Pricing of Paintball’s is listed on our pricing page.

Players should also bring food and beverages to consume during the day. Route 40 Paintball Park does stock Sodas, Water and Gatorade. There are also many restaurants and pizza places within a few miles of Route 40 Paintball Park.

Fill out a waiver form and bring it with you to save time at registration.

If after reading through our web page, you have any questions about PAINTBALL or playing at Route 40 Paintball Park, please call us at (410) 335-7622 and we will be happy to answer them.

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